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Why should you and other people get involved with the RSPB?

Posted on 24th February 2022

Don’t get me started on how amazing the RSPB is! Since 1889 the Royal Society for Protection of Birds has helped our feathered friends in so many ways, from Big Garden Bird Watches to collectable badges, this charity has it all and you all should help it out in the ways that you can!

It is a charity, which holds onto the values of community, assistance and attentiveness. Without everybody’s help, we would not know how many birds there are, which are declining or which are thriving. Imagine that. Thankfully, the RSPB has set up the Big Garden Birdwatch which has been running for over 40 years. It is building up a rare and resplendent mosaic of colours, from cerulean kingfishers to tawny owls. Each bird is a colourful and fragile fragment within the picture. They all sing a rich profusion of songs; without this in our lives, life would be very dismal indeed and we should, therefore, help to save these species. Whether it is your family, you or your friends getting involved, we all need to collate data, we can then summarize which colours are most prevalent and which colours are becoming duller and are fading into history. Are you going to get involved in this brilliant spectacle? Anybody can. Everybody can try.

Why else is this charity amazing? Let me tell you! It hosts a plethora of activities for young nature enthusiasts that will make them desperate for more. For example, there are a range of wildlife stories for your younger siblings, from ‘little orphan blue tit’ to ‘hermit crab and the anemone’. There is also a youth membership programme and wild challenges which means children will never get bored! Meanwhile, it teaches them about the world around them and will make them admire this beautiful mosaic: it will inspire them to make a difference. Additionally, the RSPB has an array of conservation sites across the country, such as Minsmere which crucially protects wildlife and habitats, helping those endangered species. They even recreate wetland habitats that are becoming scarcer. People can visit and experience nature at these sites, which undeniably has a positive impact.

Furthermore, it’s a charity for keen collectors who just love to get their hands on all the pin badges out there! The RSPB supplies every bird badge imaginable from little wrens to giant owls. How can you not resist getting one? They will brighten up your day and you will be treasuring part of the mosaic. What’s more you know your money will be going to a captivating cause!

Overall, the RSPB is simply amazing and a model of rectitude because it involves everybody, inspires the younger generation and primarily protects those birds most in need and suffering from the deplorable damages of habitat loss...

Get involved today!

Alice S, studying A Level English Literature, Geography, Medieval/Early Modern History.