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Student Council

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Student Council

Advocating Student Voice and Championing Charity

We champion local and international charities, raising money and encouraging generosity.

We enrich your college experience by exciting discussion, encouraging change, and sparking success.

We amplify the student voice in our fortnightly meetings, by perceiving student issues and boosting connection.

This year's student council is formed as follows:

President - Asher S

Vice President & Equalities Officer - Lilly K

1st Year Student Governor - Inez A

Finance Officer - Daisy M

Well-Being Officer - Esme G

Publicity and Social Media Officer - Dan R


Student Council Officers -

Arianwen F-J

Ashley D

Joe M

Keira E-O

Polly L-D

Poppy B

Ruben B

2022-2023 Student Council

2022-2023 Student Council

For me, the Student Council is the best way for the student voice to be heard. I can only hope that students feel more knowledgeable and recognised through their relationship with the Student Council.

Dan R, Publicity and Social Media Officer

Student Council Activities

Contact the Student Council:

Instagram: @hsfc.studentcouncil