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New Leaf

Posted on 29th September 2020


A flurry of warmth; the leaves fall.

“There is no growth without decay”

They whisper in their delicate call.

Without September, there is no May.


How may the pure blossoms thrive,

When they still carry heavy burdens,

Forever draining that which is alive?

Banish suffering: an ethereal curtain.


Rough times, like the slice of a blade.

Bombardment of fear like a tidal wave.

Same dismal news, only a different day.

Flight stunted; caged, a perished slave.


Reflect like rays of sun on silver glass;

Drown your terror in the autumn rain.

Breathe. Don’t run ahead too fast.

Take your time; wash pessimism away.


Now, right now, more than ever before,

The leaves encourage a novel change.

If we resist, we will only desire it more.

A feeling which indeed is strange.


However, courage is a necessity for growth.



Faith Cooke; studying A Level English Literature, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Law.