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Advertise With Us

Hereford Sixth Form College is a lively and exciting hub with students travelling from Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Worcestershire and the Welsh Borders.

With over 2,000 students studying at the College, we can provide great opportunities for you to promote your brand to young people who may act as brand advocates for years to come.

So, if you have a product, service or event that is *appropriate to promote to the 16-19 age bracket, we may have the advertising solution for you.

(*We reserve the right to refuse advertising if it is not deemed suitable for this age group or if it is offensive or distressing. In addition, there are specific rules surrounding age-restricted products such as alcohol, gambling, lotteries and e-cigarettes).

Digital Advertising

At just £25 per week, you can promote your product, service or event to the whole College community.

We have nine screens around the campus in all of the social areas. In addition, and inclusive of the £25 price, we can also share your slide on the College's social media channels weekly, for the duration of your advert.

Our Facebook account has over 5,000 followers.

Our Twitter account has over 3,900 followers.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

A1 Poster Advertising

Our campus A1 portrait poster frames (2ft x 3ft) can display your full colour posters for maximum impact. Advertisements would last for a term. The terms run as follows and cost:

£400 | Autumn Term (September to December)

£400 | Spring Term (January to April)

£300 | Summer Term (May to July)

You can provide already existing A1 posters for fitting or send us your artwork and we can organise printing for a small charge.

A1 Poster Advertising

A1 Poster Advertising

Student Diary

2,500 student diaries are printed annually and issued to all students. The deadline for adverts is 30th June each year.

Rates for advertising are as follows:

£500 | Full page inside front cover
(width 98mm x height 151mm)

£400 | Full page inside back cover
(width 98mm x height 151mm)

£300 | Full page
(width 98mm x height 151mm)

£175 | Half page
(width 98mm x height 73mm)

£75   | Footer
(width 98mm x height 30mm)

All advertisements are in colour and last for a full 12 months. A design service is also available for a small charge.

Student Diary & Handbook 2018-19

Student Diary & Handbook 2018-19

Contact the Team

For further details please contact the Marketing Team:

Hereford Sixth Form College
Folly Lane

T: 01432 355166

Downloadable Rate Card

Advertising Rate Card