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Student Absence, Behaviour and the Contract System

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Student Absence, Behaviour and the Contract System

The College expects all students to behave and act in a responsible and inclusive manner.   Everyone in the College has a responsibility to ensure that it is a happy and productive learning environment for all.     

On the rare occasions that concerns are raised about a student’s progress or behaviour, students will be subject to the Student Absence, Behaviour and Contract Policy, an overview of which is outlined here.

Hereford Sixth Form College wants all students to reach their best possible outcomes and therefore, if problems do arise, they are dealt with to minimise the negative impact and provide support to enable improvements to be made. Action may be taken when concerns arise with regards to a student’s academic performance or if there have been behavioural issues reported.  In such circumstances a formal disciplinary Contract will be initialised with a student when initial supportive strategies have failed or where a student fails to comply with other College policies or regulations as set out in the student handbook and College Charter. 

Initially any concerns with regards to academic underperformance or behaviour will be challenged by the student’s subject tutors and personal tutor.  The tutors will discuss concerns raised and identify where improvements can be made and actions which need to be taken to progress.   Should these concerns be prolonged for a period of time, with no real progress made, the student will be referred to their Lead Tutor and a formal disciplinary Contract is put in place and agreed with the student. Clear contract conditions are set out in the contract terms drawn up by the student’s Lead Tutor and the student must abide by these terms and conditions or their place at College may be at risk.   A copy of the Contract is given to the student and sent to the Parent/Guardian of the student and the student’s tutors for reference.  All staff of students on contract will be kept informed.     

Lead Tutors manages the first level contract system.  If all remedial strategies put in place fail to have the necessary positive effect on student performance and/or behaviour, a final warning contract will be initiated with the student.  The Deputy Principal alongside the student’s Lead Tutor manages the final warning contract system.  A final warning contract meeting, when initiated, will invite the student, their Parents/Guardians and Lead Tutor, with feedback provided by subject tutors and any other support members of staff as appropriate. The focus of this meeting led by the Deputy Principal, is to review the action plan created and finalise clear targets which the student must meet to ensure that they are reaching their potential and the expectations of the College.  

Failure to meet the conditions of the final warning action plan will result in the student agreeing to leave College.

Behaviour and Conduct

The College has clear expectations of all students with regards to their behaviour and conduct.  All members of staff and students must work together to ensure that everyone within the College community can work in a safe and considerate environment.

In situations where student behaviour is deemed to be paramount to misconduct or gross misconduct the student may be suspended or excluded depending on the nature of the incident or matter reported.  The College's student Exclusion Procedures covers this particular area in detail and what actions are taken with regards to reports of gross misconduct.  

The Deputy Principal can exclude students, either temporarily or permanently, or prevent students from completing a course for which they have enrolled. Except in cases of serious breaches of discipline, parents are always given adequate warning of such a possibility so that the student has time to remedy matters. In the event of disagreement with actions taken by the Deputy Principal, there is a right of appeal to the Principal.