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Our Ethos

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Our Ethos

Our Mission

Hereford Sixth Form College wants every one of our students to reach their full academic potential, whilst benefiting from a high level of individual support and guidance.

We believe that all our students can succeed and are passionate about improving student performance by challenging, encouraging and motivating students to aim for high expectations with a ‘can achieve culture’. 

Recreation and social activities are an integral part of our life at College and we encourage all students to get involved in the wider community, through volunteering or work experience, to broaden horizons and life awareness.

Our Vision

We were the first winner of the TES Sixth Form College of the Year Award in 2016 and we have set a standard for ourselves and our students which we are committed to maintain. 

We aim to develop ambitious yet contented students, respectful of each other and their community, who are able to act independently but with regard to others and who have a wide knowledge and skill base. 

We want our students to be capable of constructive and critical thought and to go on to contribute to the local, national and global society.

Our Ethos and Culture

What values and ambitions do we have for our College and our students?

High Achievement and Progression

Our students achieve above national averages in raw and, more importantly, in value added terms. We have a lifetime’s record of student success and progression to some of the best courses and universities in the country and throughout the world. More of our students achieve first and upper second class honours than the average for colleges, state or independent schools; more complete their degree and gain their honours. However, other routes are increasingly attractive and available and apprenticeships and direct employment entry are explored and taken on by many.

Understanding, Support and Compassion

Things go wrong for us all and we care for everyone, students, staff and parents within our community. We are interested in all our people and want to understand them and their background, enabling us to empathise with the challenges of overcoming the obstacles which appear along life’s way and getting through them. 

Respect, Inclusivity and Relationships

We are a College for all students, be they Oxbridge entry or looking to improve their GCSEs. We are one College made of many communities with a common thread of respect for each other, the institution and our wider community. We work closely with parents and carers, building partnerships to ensure that our students become confident, responsible and mature members of society. Mutual respect and tolerance of others’ views and approaches is key.

Activity, Involvement and Belonging

We want our students to be fit, active and involved in life and have a huge variety of opportunities. We are renowned in Herefordshire and the counties beyond for our sports, music and drama provision, of which we are truly proud; but we are much more than this and we firmly believe that students should look to be engaged in at least one activity beyond their subjects to give a sense of breadth, perspective and belonging.

Enjoyment, Enthusiasm and Positivity

Our ‘can do culture’ is important but life should be enjoyable and fun and that is what Hereford Sixth Form College is really all about. Our approach is a positive one which is infectious for our students and we want them to emerge with a passion and enthusiasm for their subjects, a desire to achieve their potential and the confidence to enjoy their learning and the journey on which they embark.