The College is only open to our most vulnerable students (including those on EHCPs, or who are in care or have a social worker) and the children of key workers. All lessons will continue to run virtually for all students. The College opens at 9am. Please notify us before 10.30am if you wish to access the College past 12 noon so we can ensure facilities and access are available. The government has published a letter explaining how the summer grades will be calculated. The letter has been emailed to you and a link is in the news section of this website.
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We offer the widest choice of academic courses in the region.

  • More than 40 A Levels and Level 3 Vocational courses
  • GCSEs and Level 2 Vocational courses

There is a programme to suit you, whether it is A Levels, Vocational courses or an opportunity to improve on those GCSE results.

Options are incredibly flexible and 99% of combinations work on our timetable system.

A typical programme follows 3 or 4 subjects and the General Education Programme which includes Education for Life.

Typical Programmes of Study. Level 3

Vince talks about choosing between A Level and Vocational courses

An example of an A Level timetable with 3 subjects

So what is Education for Life? 

This course offers you important advice about the College, studying, careers and life skills. It is delivered through Powerpoint, video, research online, questionnaires, group work, class discussion and independent study. This is a compulsory one hour a week programme for all students.

You will cover topics designed to promote your personal well-being, including:

  • Library Induction
  • British Values and the Prevent Programme
  • Internet Safety
  • Alcohol and Drugs Awareness
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Sexual Health
  • Safe Relationships
  • E-Driver
  • Exam Anxiety
  • Healthy Living
  • Study Skills
  • Careers

Impact Programme

The College has a reputation for its enrichment activities available to all students.

You will be encouraged to participate in the Impact programme which covers a variety of these, for example: the Debating Society, Drama, the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award scheme, Music, Sports and Young Enterprise.

For more information please see the Enrichment area of the website.


If things go a bit wrong when you sit your GCSEs, it's not the end of the world.
Our GCSE programme acts as a real opening to get a firm platform of good grades for the future.

English, Maths and Science are important for everyone, but our programme also offers new subjects to consider such as Psychology and Health & Social Care. These can be really interesting and give ideas for future careers.

Whatever you fancy, we will definitely have a course to suit you.

Typical Programme of Study. Level 2

Zara talks about her Level 2 study programme