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We offer the widest choice of academic courses in the region.

  • More than 40 A Levels and Level 3 Vocational courses
  • GCSEs and Level 2 Vocational courses

There is a programme to suit you, whether it is A Levels, Vocational courses or an opportunity to improve on those GCSE results.

Options are incredibly flexible and 99% of combinations work on our timetable system.

A typical programme follows 3 or 4 subjects and the General Education Programme which includes Education for Life.

Typical Programmes of Study. Level 3

Vince talks about choosing between A Level and Vocational courses

An example of an A Level timetable with 3 subjects

So what is Education for Life? 

You spend an hour a week on Education for Life it is about filling in the gaps - all of the important things that you may not learn through your main subjects.

You will cover topics designed to promote your personal well-being, including:

  • Careers education.
  • Employability skills.
  • Drug and alcohol awareness.
  • Equality and diversity.
  • Internet safety.
  • Healthy living.
  • Mental health.
  • Safe relationships.

Impact Programme

The College has a reputation for its enrichment activities available to all students.

You will be encouraged to participate in the Impact programme which covers a variety of these, for example: the Debating Society, Drama, the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award scheme, Music, Sports and Young Enterprise.

For more information please see the Enrichment area of the website.


If things go a bit wrong when you sit your GCSEs, it's not the end of the world.
Our GCSE programme acts as a real opening to get a firm platform of good grades for the future.

English, Maths and Science are important for everyone, but our programme also offers new subjects to consider such as Psychology and Health & Social Care. These can be really interesting and give ideas for future careers.

Whatever you fancy, we will definitely have a course to suit you.

Typical Programme of Study. Level 2

Zara talks about her Level 2 study programme