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Mathematics - Fast Track /Further

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Fast Track / Further Mathematics A Level

Further Mathematics is an ideal course for students who have demonstrated very high ability and interest in GCSE Mathematics or above. It must be studied alongside A2 Mathematics, which means that you will be studying six to eight lessons of Mathematics each week.

Further Mathematics both broadens and deepens the topics covered in Mathematics – sometimes these topics will be more challenging than in Mathematics, however this will not always be the case. Students who have a real love of Mathematics, in particular algebra, will find the Further Mathematics course stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding. 

What does the course involve?

This course allows you to complete Mathematics A Level in your first year and then, if you wish, to go on and study an additional A Level in Further Mathematics. You will have six to eight lessons a week instead of the normal four lessons.

If you complete the Further Mathematics A Level you will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of Mathematics across a very wide field. This will include additional Pure Mathematics topics, Decision Mathematics, Differential Equations and more Applied Mathematics.

What you can do after the course?

This course is essential for anybody considering a Mathematics degree at university. Mathematicians are highly valued and well placed when it comes to finding employment in a wide variety of careers. Openings exist in industry, banking and finance as accountants and actuaries as well as in management.

Mathematics A Level courses are particularly useful for people hoping to study engineering, the natural sciences or physics at university.

In addition, Further Mathematics is academically very demanding and hence prestigious. It is the ideal course if you intend to study Mathematics at university and is particularly useful when applying for competitive entry university courses.

Iona talks about Further Mathematics at Hereford Sixth Form College