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Mathematics GCSE and Level 1/2 Functional Mathematics

Level 1/2 Functional Mathematics

This course develops the necessary mathematical skills for everyday life.

It focuses on mathematics in context with questions based on case studies or real life situations.

What can you do after the course?

Achieving both the Level 1 and 2 will give you a qualification in useful mathematics and can serve as a stepping stone to further study at GCSE.


GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics

Foundation GCSE Mathematics

This will be a fresh start to mathematics.

What does the course involve?

The best way to achieve your target grade is to work hard towards all of your tests throughout the year. These will reflect the kind of questions you will get in the end of year exam.

Most students who do this move from a Level 3 to a Level 4 in one year.

What can you do after the course?

A grade C or Level 4/5 in Mathematics is an expected qualification for higher education courses and is viewed as key by many employers.

Higher GCSE Mathematics

This is a retake or extension course primarily for those who have not already achieved the grade requirements to gain entrance onto a desired A Level course, or those requiring an improved grade for their career ambitions.

What does the course involve?

If you have taken higher GCSE Mathematicss in the past you will be familiar with the course content.

If you are advancing from Foundation you will learn new techniques for dealing with algebraic and geometric problems and advance your knowledge of probability and handling problems in more involved contexts.

What can you do after the course?

A grade B is required by many primarily science based A Levels.
More and more courses, both vocational and purely academic are asking for GCSE Mathematics at grade B or above, or are asking what students have done to advance their knowledge of maths since high school.