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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

At a time when entry to universities and the workplace is becoming more and more competitive, you'll need more than just good grades to achieve your ambitions.

Employers and admissions tutors are looking for qualified people with extra qualities - the non academic achievements that show they have a positive attitude, are self motivated, adaptable and have skills in problem solving, teamwork, and communication.

A Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a great way to demonstrate that you have all of these extra skills. 

To contact the College Club or find out more about the DofE, please e-mail Kathleen Taylor-Jessup, the Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator.


D of E

D of E

Why do the DofE?

The DofE is more than just a qualification. Everyone gets different things out of their award. You get to choose the activities for your sections and set your own goals. In following a DofE programme you'll challenge yourself, enjoy new experiences and discover talents you never thought you had. 
Anyone can take part. You do not need to have done a previous award or have any experience or special qualifications, just a willingness to have a go. 

Gold Award

There are no short cuts to gaining a Gold Award and you will have to show a great deal of personal commitment and tenacity to achieve it. This is your journey where you will be helped and guided throughout. Once achieved you will be invited to receive your award from a member of the Royal Family.

The expedition

For many, the expedition is the highlight of their DofE experience. You will have prepared for this throughout the year. By attending classroom sessions and training walks you will be prepared to undertake your unaccompanied expedition. 
Despite being a very demanding and at times possibly painful experience, the pride and satisfaction of completing the expedition and achieving your Gold Award, is an experience you will remember for life.

For more information about the DofE and the requirements of the Gold Award go to

Provisional DofE Club Programme 2023-2024

Thank you and your team for dedicating your time in helping my son Christopher with his DofE practice expedition. He has had a great week and came home exhilarated from his experience. As parents we don't always get the opportunity to meet you in person and I felt it important to tell you that we appreciate what you do for our children in helping them achieve the DofE.

Mrs Mary Dhanjal