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Reading List Foundation 2024

Posted on 28th May 2024

Becca receiving her Reading List Foundation Award

Each year, the Reading List Foundation look for extraordinarily talented individuals who have been successful in their year 13 studies, but also have managed through significant hardship. They award a scholarship of £275 to pay for the first year's textbooks at university.

Becca B, who has just completed her second year at Hereford Sixth Form College, is an extraordinarily talented student who has also succeeded through significant personal challenges. Becca is taking her A levels in English Literature, English Language and Classical Civilisations, and has an offer for Manchester, to read Ancient History and Archaeology. Becca says "the scholarship will give me the opportunity to get so many useful resources to help me get the most out of my degree. I think it's so helpful and a great idea, as it shows students that you can absolutely achieve anything no matter what your circumstances are!"

Vicky Orsmond, Senior Progression Lead said that: "Becca is the reason we go into teaching, to support incredible individuals like her. Hearing how she organised an experience on an archaeological dig in Dorstone, to her passion for the Elgin marbles; she is totally inspiring. I cannot wait to see where her studies take her!"