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HSFC Debating Society hosted by the Rotary Club

Posted on 22nd November 2023

Joseph M, Barney S B, Lottie D, John Taylor Hereford City Rotary Club President, Lola R & Emma D

On the 6th November, HSFC Debate Society took part in a student Debate organised by Hereford City Rotary Club at the Bay Horse Inn in Hereford.

HSFC Debate Society was established 19 years ago, and has a well known reputation in the community for its regular programme of student debates and guest speakers. The Rotary Club is a well known international organisation which acts a global network of 1.4 million members of friends and leaders who pro-actively volunteer their skills and resources to solve issues and address and benefit community needs. This was the first time that the Debate Society had linked with the Rotary Club.

Students were generously treated to a two course meal by Rotary Club members before the function room was transformed into an impromptu Debating chamber. The motion for the evening was chosen because of its current topicality. "This house believes that the UK should withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights"

Team 1 was Students Jade B, Lola R and Lottie D and Team 2 was Emma D, Barney S B & Joseph M. Students from both teams spoke with 5 minutes allocated for first speaker, 4 for the second and 3 minutes for summing up by the third.

The standard was one of the highest seen in years with outstanding delivery in terms of poise, timing, passion allied to logical clarity backed by carefully researched detail. 

The Rotary judges had a very difficult task to make a choice between the evenly matched teams; but team 1 managed to clinch it by the smallest of margins.

They were presented by the first ever shield which was inscribed with HSFC. The college will be safekeeping it on display in the Library till next year- where we hope to compete with other regional colleges and schools.

Deputy principal Phil Tranter and Enrichment Coordinator Marco Martinelli will soon be meeting with Rotary Youth Service Lead, Ron Pearce to build links in order to facilitate future opportunities for our students. Watch this space!

Disclaimer: Debate topics not necessarily the views of students or HSFC. Students will argue sides they don’t agree with as part of the process of developing Debate and critical thinking Skills.

Team 1 -  Lottie D, Jade B & Lola R

Team 1 - Lottie D, Jade B & Lola R

Team2 - Joseph M, Barney S B & Emma D

Team2 - Joseph M, Barney S B & Emma D