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Green Candidate Ellie Chowns starts the "Countdown to the General Election"

Posted on 19th February 2024

Debate Society Session ft. Dr. Ellie Chowns and volunteer Ella Gardiner

Hereford Sixth Form College has a long tradition of engaging with political candidates both in and outside Herefordshire. We view it as important that young people can decide what is priority for their future.  The Debate Society provides a space where students can hear first-hand the views of incumbent and aspiring politicians and provide scrutiny by some thorough questioning! 

With a General election potentially looming in the distance, we are providing a "Countdown to the General Election" by inviting a series of candidates on Friday lunchtimes.

Dr. Ellie Chowns of the Green Party was the first to take up the challenge. Standing for the seat of North Herefordshire,(currently held by MP Bill Wiggin), Dr. Chowns is a previous MEP (having served in the European Parliament) and is currently serving as a Councillor. She has specialist knowledge in water management- something extremely valuable given the current pollution in the Wye River.

Dr. Chowns stressed the importance of dialogue; of speaking face to face with "those we do not usually talk to". She maintains that building bridges and working together are a vital part of successful communities. She was joined by Green Party volunteer Ella Gardiner; who gave an impressive, passionate speech on how young people can make a difference.

Green Party Volunteer Ella Gardiner and Green Party Candidate Dr. Ellie Chowns

Green Party Volunteer Ella Gardiner and Green Party Candidate Dr. Ellie Chowns

Candidates from the main parties are invited and shall be attending at the following dates

Friday 23 February: Dan Powell Candidate for the Liberal Democrats in South Herefordshire

Friday 23 March: Joe Emmett, Nominee for the Labour party in South Herefordshire

Friday 12 April: Current MP Jesse Norman for the Conservative Party

Watch this space!