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Countdown to the General Election: Guest Speaker MP Jesse Norman

Posted on 30th April 2024

Pictured left to right: Ellie L, MP Jesse Norman, Rufus B & James B.

As part of the run up to the General Election, it was the turn of incumbent MP for South Herefordshire Jesse Norman to visit the college. It is a long established tradition for General Election Candidates to visit the college to explain in person their vision for both the County and country.

Jesse Norman has served as MP since initially winning in 2010; taking over from Paul Keetch of the Liberal Democrats. He has gradually increased his majority to 19, 686 in the last General Election in 2019. He has served as a Minister for Transport and published several books including Edmund Burke: The Visionary Who Invented Modern Politics and The Big Society. In that time he has also made headlines; opposing the 2010 Coalition proposed Bill for the reforming the Lords and releasing a letter publically withdrawing his support for Boris Johnson.

Jesse faced a range of testing questions across a variety of topics including national transport policy, should Britain remain in the European Convention of Human Rights, Policing in Herefordshire to name only a few.
HSFC looks forward to hosting the Liberal Democrat and Labour candidates in the near future.

Article written and provided by HSFC teacher of Politics and Enrichment Coordinator, Marco Martinelli.