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Archbishop hears Ukrainian student's peace poem on visit

Posted on 21st December 2023

Sasha S reading her poem on Saturday's service.

On Saturday, 9th December, the Archbishop of Canterbury visited Hereford Cathedral and had the opportunity to hear our student from Ukraine, Sasha S read her poem for peace titled 'What is War.'

Sasha, who is studying A Level Maths, A Level Business and BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, was also interviewed by the BBC to discuss her poem. The recording can be found here at timestamp 1:50.

What is War

What is war?

Is it a reoccurring word from the historic books?

Is it a child's game? 

Oh no my fellow: NO!

War is when you realise what bloody Hail  is;

When rockets rush your house, 

Where you are trembling, praying for peace.

War is when your dreams are exploded

And you are thinking "Is life supposed to be this way?"

War is when strangers become the closest people,

And the underground,  your lovely home.

War is hell on earth,

Which touches all of us.

But know this: 

One day it will be finished.

Cities will re-build and roses will blush once more.

And only memories will remain in hearts that will never cry again.