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Mathematics, Certificate in Mathematical Studies

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Certificate in Mathematical Studies complements and supports core subject choices as well as providing life and employability skills.

The qualification that Certificate in Mathematical Studies follows was developed by the government in response to concerns from universities and employers that students who didn’t continue with mathematics after their GCSE examinations were not prepared for continuing education or employment.

What will I learn?

The focus is on applied mathematics - there is no algebra or trigonometry. Everything is put into context and applied to reallife examples.

Certificate in Mathematical Studies could be described as numerical critical thinking and the lessons are designed to equip students to make good decisions whenever numbers or data are involved.

Topics include:

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Modelling
  • Probabilities
  • Collecting and Analysing Data
  • Finding Patterns in Data

An example question might be 'Work out the income tax, national insurance and student loan repayments for someone earning £52,000'.

The course lasts one academic year and is taught over two hours per week. There are two external examinations in the summer, both 90 minutes long. Both examinations have preliminary material that is released in March where real-life examples of data and information are given to students that are then used as the basis of questions in the examination.