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Chemistry, English Language, Physics, Mathematics

My tutors taught me the importance of working hard and I think I was really prepared for the future because of this.

Former school: Fairfield High School

Studied: A Level Chemistry, English Language, Physics, Mathematics

University: Physics at the University of Liverpool

Now working as a Concept Engineer for an automative manufacturer

Science was always my area of interest through school and I'd heard very good reviews of the College's Science Department.
I was encouraged to get a degree which is essential for any engineering or physics job. I went to the University of Liverpool to study physics.
Summer work experience included teaching and some time at CERN in Switzerland.
I then applied for graduate trainee schemes in engineering and I now work for a large, and growing, automative manufacturer in the UK. I have been here for two years and am still learning new things and enjoying it very much.

Emily, former student