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Communication & Culture, French, Geography, Philosophy & Ethics

I decided to move to Hereford because for me, it was the sense of moving on to something bigger and better where they were really going to support me in whatever I wanted to do.

Former school: Monmouth Comprehensive

Studied: Communication & Culture, French, Geography, Philosophy & Ethics

I absolutely loved Hereford. I was nervous, obviously, but I just smiled at loads of people, asked teachers whenever I needed help and joined up with loads of enrichment activities as well. Eventually I made a load of friends and it was fantastic.
I loved being in an environment where debate is really welcomed by the teachers, who were incredible.
There was no stopping me when it came to enrichment activities! I founded the Feminist Society, was elected chair of the Environment Society and was an allActive ambassador.
I went on some amazing trips. I went to France twice. Once with Geography, on the Alps trip, which was really different to anything I had ever done before because you look at the Geology of the area and the Human Geography.
I also did a week long residential course in Nice with the French department and by the end of that I was sleep talking in French so that was an amazing opportunity.


Ellie talks about Communication and Culture