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College Charter

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College Charter

An Overview of the College Charter

What you can expect from us

The College Charter is what you might expect to gain from the College and what we expect from you in return.

We aim to provide an environment in which you can best achieve your personal goals. At all stages in your College career you may expect full consideration to be given to your personal circumstances. We hope and expect that you will, in turn, behave responsibly and thoughtfully, and make your own contribution to the well-being of the College and the standing it has in the wider community.

We take seriously any issues raised by students, parents and by others about any aspect of the College. If we are not able to solve the problem satisfactorily there is a formal complaints procedure, details of which can be obtained from the College Office.

As a student of Hereford Sixth Form College we expect you to:

  1. See classroom attendance as your highest priority and attend punctually all timetabled activities including enrichment activities and appointments with personal tutors.
  2. Account clearly for any absences or lateness and give an explanation at the end of the lesson or another convenient time.
  3. Complete all work by agreed deadlines and to the best of your ability.
  4. Take responsibility for your learning and particpate actively in all learning activities including the review processes. 
  5. Seek help when you need it and take advantage of the support offered.
  6. Co-operate with College staff and maintain socially acceptable standards of behaviour.
  7. Play an active part in Equality and Diversity issues.
  8. Help to make Hereford Sixth Form College a safe and pleasant place for all.


If you have any concerns, these guidelines tell you who to contact:

College Charter: Concerns

College Charter: Concerns