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Office 365 login Support

Hereford Sixth Form CollegeSign in - troubleshooting

  • Is caps lock on?
  • Are you accessing college resources from abroad or having MFA (Multi Factor authentication) issues? Please email us: or call +44 1432 371462 
  • To reset your passphrase, please click HERE
  • Have you typed in the incorrect passphrase too many times? Your account will have locked out, but your account will automatically unlock after 1 hour of no passphrase attempts. Click HERE
  • Did you leave in August this year? If you have finished all your courses with us, your account will be disabled but remain on our systems, and we can reset passphrases until the end of September. After this point however, your account will no longer be accessible.
  • Are you still a student at the college? If you did not finish your course or have withdrawn from the college your account will have been disabled. We cannot allow you access to the system.

If you have checked and tried all of these things please ring the IT Services department on 01432 371462 or email us:

IT Services is open Monday - Friday, 08:30 - 16:30 during term time and 09:00 - 16:00 out of term time.

We are sorry but we are closed over the Christmas holidays.

Please note we can only deal with the holder of the account and we cannot send passphrases to e-mail addresses.

Gererate a PassPHRASE

We now reccommend a passPHRASE instead of a passWORD

Please click Cyber Security Toolkit ( for more information.