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Overview of Careers Support

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Overview of Careers Support

Supporting Students

The Careers Department's main purpose is to help Level 2 and 3 students with the challenging choices facing them concerning further and higher education and employment.

A team of well-trained and enthusiastic Careers Department Advisers and Tutors ensure that up to date information, advice and guidance is readily available when needed. This is delivered through the taught careers education programme (recognised by OFSTED as good practice and effective) and individually through careers interviews.

The Careers Department was one of the most important and helpful services I experienced at Hereford Sixth Form College. Without them I would never have had the confidence to send off my university applications.

Megan Bradley, student

Careers Education

The Careers programme is delivered through the first and second year Tutorial programmes. The lessons cover issues relevant to all students including university, employment, gap years and the expanding range of higher level apprenticeships which can lead to degree level qualifications.

There are separate programmes of support for students applying to Oxford or Cambridge (see Supporting our High Fliers) and also medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and other competitive degrees including primary teaching, nursing, midwifery and other healthcare careers.

These programmes are run by dedicated careers tutors who have developed a wealth of expertise in their areas of interest.

Students applying for employment or apprenticeships are supported individually in their applications by the Careers and Work-Related Learning Adviser.

Careers Guidance

This is concerned with an individual’s choices. These are explored initially through a one-to-one interview which allows students the opportunity to look at ideas and discuss action planning and goal setting.

The Careers Department Administrative Assistant is always on hand to help and can be contacted on 01432 355166 or email

Terena Smith is the Careers Leader (Head of Careers) and can be contacted on 01432 355166 or email

I wouldn't have had a clue what to do for university. Careers guide you through it and are very helpful.



We have a classroom which doubles up as our Careers Reference Library. Students are encouraged to use this room in their own time as well as during the lessons.

We have close links with the main Library which also stocks a wealth of careers related material.
IT facilities and interview rooms are used extensively.

Applying for Higher Education

For Higher Education (UCAS) support, click on Get Started in the widget below.

Applying for Apprenticeships

For information on appying for an apprenticeship click here.

Ex-Students applying to University

Please be aware that your College email has now been locked and you will need to use your private email address on your UCAS form.

Any problems please email

Post Results Service

Careers staff are available in August to help place students in higher or further education and employment.

Provider Access

For information about the College’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the College, please see the Provider Access Protocol Policy.

Provider Access Protocol Policy