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Students train in Emergency and Trauma First Aid

Posted on 4th November 2022

Students using training aids to demonstrate bandaging and tourniquet application

This week, students participated in the first Trauma First Aid Seminar of this academic year. Students who attended were from a multitude of subjects; several are following the long established Medics entry programme as well as those from the large Health & Social Care Department, who intend to pursue careers in nursing and care.

Herefordshire specialist training provider ANUBIS, headed by Sal Gaze, has many years of experience in delivering courses and seminars to both the public and private sectors, including our own staff. Training is always very focused and efficient; integrating the latest theory and developments, which is followed with “hands on” practice using wound simulation.

Sal Gaze began this week's session by covering the safety checks required to protect the First Aider before treating patients. Students then learned the immediate response procedures for checking breathing and oxygen levels. This was followed by a section on recognising and treating catastrophic bleeding, using tourniquets, military bandages and splints. Students were also shown other diagnostic techniques such as checking heartbeat and pupil sizes.

 An effective realistic training technique used was that of the “unforeseen scenario”; where First Aiders are given a emergency case acted by a fellow student. They have to put the theory into practice utilising their training in making an on the spot diagnosis and in applying techniques in the correct order of priority to safeguard the patient.

 The next seminar takes place on the 30th November and is already booked up. HSFC is looking to book another in the New Year along with seminars on Risk Assessment and Fire Marshall Training. These are excellent sessions for those looking to enter nursing, teaching, the emergency services and the military to name only a few.

Marco Martinelli

Photo: Corben W