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Student Volunteers Clean Up Churchill Gardens

Posted on 21st September 2020

The student volunteers

Community-spirited Hereford Sixth Form College staff and students volunteered to tackle the litter problem in Churchill Gardens. Armed with gloves, bin bags, and litter pickers, the volunteers spent their lunchtime clearing the beautiful gardens. All volunteers were paired up, for social distancing, and each filled a bag with litter.  

The activity drew a positive response from local residents who were enjoying the Gardens at the time; they were very pleased to see volunteers and thanked them for their efforts.  

The College places an emphasis on making a difference to our environment and will continue to remind students about their behaviour and their responsibilities. Vice Principle for Operations, Phil Tranter, said, “It was really pleasing to see our students and staff volunteering to help with a clean-up operation at Churchill gardens. Our students & staff enjoy making a positive contribution to our environment and we want to continue to help improve and support our community. Well done to all who helped out and hopefully we will see many more students getting involved in the future.