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Democracy in action: Students elect peers to represent their interests

Posted on 10th November 2022

HSFC's 2022-2023 Student Council Officers pictured with John Pratt, Director of Safeguarding, Inclusion and Development

Each year at HSFC, the student electorate experiences “Democracy in action”, voting to elect for key roles in the Student Council. The role of Officer in the Student Council is a prestigious one, which is taken very seriously by staff and students alike. Officers are responsible for reflecting the student voice and influencing how college is run, working alongside the college management, as well as setting up a range of activities to make sure the college is a vibrant community. The roles are open for both first and second year students. 

In addition, and alongside the Student Council, there is the opportunity to stand for the role of First Year Student Governor on the Governing Body of Hereford Sixth Form College.This year's Student Council is formed as follows:

President - Asher S

Vice-President & Equalities Officer – Lilly K

1st Year Student Governor – Inez A

Finance Officer – Daisy M

Well-Being Officer – Esme G

Publicity and Social Media – Dan R

Student Council Officers –

Joe M

Polly L-D

El J

Arianwen F-J

Poppy B

Ruben B

Keira E-O

Look out for fundraising efforts, events and opportunities to connect with the Student Council throughout the year!