We want to thank everyone for their help and support yesterday in what was a difficult day for many staff and students due to rapidly changing weather conditions. Some lessons had to be cancelled in the late afternoon as a couple of local schools closed forcing teachers to go and collect their children. Attendance marks will obviously be adjusted accordingly. We endeavoured to keep staff and students informed and encouraged them to take whatever action they needed to in order to stay safe and to get home. Let’s hope that the heavy rain stays away for some time to avoid any further disruption in the run up to an important examination period. Thank you again for your co-operation and understanding.

Peter Cooper

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D-Day 75 – Operation Overlord Commemorations

Posted on 24th June 2019

Pictured: Lance Corporal Colin Palmer, who served as a motorcycle messenger with the West Yorkshire Tank Regiment

Following the very moving D-Day commemorations that took place earlier this month, our Head of Economics, David Palmer, has written a short piece on his father's visit to Normandy to remember the fallen:

The week-long D-Day 75 events took place at the start of June. These commemorated the 75thanniversary of the 6th June 1944 Operation Overland landings in Normandy. The D-Day invasion force began the final campaign by the Western allies to liberate Europe from the genocidal National Socialist tyranny.

The few surviving veterans are now very elderly, amongst them is my father, now a frail 98-year old. Accompanied by my sister, Jane, he was one of 250 veterans aboard the MV Boudicca who made the pilgrimage to Normandy.

Here are some of the photographs Jane took of the events.


My father served with the West Yorkshire Tank Regiment as a motorcycle messenger throughout the whole of the European campaign up to the river Elbe. This included being a witness to the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and helping evacuate the survivors for medical treatment. He never spoke about this until much later in life.

The Normandy landings were a crucial turning point in history. They established the conditions for the prosperous, stable and free Europe in which we now live. Democratic self-government is a fragile plant and requires careful tending. We must never forget the sacrifices of those who fought against the totalitarian evil of National Socialism, most of all those who died. It is to them we owe our freedoms, liberties and independence.

David Palmer, Head of Economics