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11 November 2016: Remembrance Day

Posted on 16th November 2016

Pictured Front Row L-R: Sergeant Alan Cartwright, Jack Hawkins, Polly Woodhouse, Tpr Peter Davies, Capt John Oswald, Sarah Fulloway, Harry Randell Back Row L-R: Matt Osborne (Tutor of Business Studies), Ken Hopkins (Chair of Governors)

Hereford Sixth Form College students and staff marked Remembrance Day with a service and two minutes’ silence in the Pavilion. We were honoured that World War II veterans, Captain John Oswald and Trooper Peter Davies, were able to join us as well as Sergeant Alan Cartwright from the Hereford Army Careers Office. Wreaths were laid by the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets, Sarah Fulloway and Harry Randell.  At the end of the service students pinned paper poppies to red ribbons on the tree in the Pavilion to remember particular individuals.

Afterwards the World War II veterans talked to an A Level History class about their experiences in wartime. This prompted a wide range of questions from students and some revealing answers. The audience were surprised to hear from both men that by 1942, well before D-Day, troops believed the tide was turning and victory in sight for the Allies.

The Poppy Appeal in College raised the pleasing amount of £206.60 for the work of the Royal British Legion.

Eleanor Benson, College Chaplain