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Part-Time Jobs and Volunteering

Posted on 30th January 2017

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Those who don't have them want them, and those who have them complain – a common scenario that I have become increasingly aware of. But the one drive for young people getting a part-time job is, of course, the money. An increasing independence means the need for more money that your parents’ refuse to fund.

Admittedly, I don't have a part-time job but I admire those who can successfully juggle college, home, social and work life all at once. But money isn't the only drive for part-time jobs. There's the gain in confidence, people skills and overall work experience. Finding a job is always difficult. Many places want young, fresh faces but you HAVE to have had experience in that field before. Absolute nonsense if you ask me.

However, if you want to gain experience and don't mind not earning money, volunteering is a brilliant option. By volunteering you can gain valuable experience and at the same time help people who need your help.

If you're interested, is a good website to check out.


Charlotte Grech
(Studying A Levels in Biology, English Language and Geography)