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Five Tips for Improving Revision

Posted on 7th February 2017

Photo credit: Emily Goodman

It’s coming… exam season. At the moment, though, we are all thinking, “I should probably start revising” as we sit scrolling through various social media in our frees. Here are some revision tips to make these next few weeks a bit more bearable.

Stay hydrated

I know everyone says to keep drinking water but seriously, it does help when you’re trying to concentrate a lot.

Short bursts of revision, don’t try and cram

Working for long hours is never an effective way to revise; you can’t learn as effectively and no one can stay concentrated for long amounts of time. I’ve found that revising for 45 minutes and having a 15 minute break works well.

Turn off your phone

Yes, it’s hard but trust me, Facebook will still be there in an hour or so. It will be okay to turn your phone off or put it in another room. The lack of distractions will help your revision be more effective.

Don’t spend ages making your notes

I don’t know about anyone else but I know that I have surely done this before. I’ve focused on making flashcards or mind maps look nice and pretty and then run out of time to learn what’s on them.

Finally, relax, they won’t last forever

Exams are stressful and they make you question your entire life choices but they only last a short amount of time and once they’re over we will be free to procrastinate to our heart’s content.


Emily Goodman (Studing A Levels in Critical Thinking, English Language, Philosophy & Ethics and Sociology)