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Russian GCSE

This is a course for beginners who have a strong aptitude for language.

The course aims to develop a good level of competence in understanding, speaking and writing Russian and a deeper knowledge of the culture and civilisation of Russia.

What does the course involve?

Topics include:

  • The family.
  • Geographical surroundings.
  • House and home.
  • School life.

There are four units of assessment:

  • Listening and responding.
  • Speaking.
  • Reading and responding.
  • Writing.

You will learn about the structure of the Russian language and have the opportunity to practice your spoken Russian in class.

To help with your written work you will be given clear explanations of the grammatical structures you need to understand and use.

What can you do after the course?

Russian is spoken by 170 million people as a first language and 100 million as a second language.

With more and more job opportunities opening up in Eastern Europe the ability to speak Russian is a valuable asset. Jobs include banking, finance, journalism, law, public relations, travel and the civil service.

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